Technology and handicraft together in one company

Our company is completely self-sufficient on all steps of production and in the latest years we have also introduced the most sophisticated technologies of our field. Our production chain includes traditional process phases, as well as a design office equipped with a structured light 3D scanner that works with the highest resolution and a graphic table that is able to support a three-dimensional modellation through softwares such as: Rhinoceros, 3Design and Zbrush.

For fast prototyping we use a 3D Envisiontec printer and a CNC milling machine - 4 axis. We also have an in house fiber laser machine for cutting, engraving and labeling phases, as well as an interal galvanization area for the process of our products and a spectrometer for supervision of galvanization sediments.

This kind of organization allows us to design and develop new collections of articles with a very close deadline. From the moment we receive the sheet or the sketch from the client, we are able to produce the final sample in a very short time, around two working days for medium difficulty items.

The phases of production: from sketch to creation

Our company is certified on the productive chain completely made in Italy