A.Z. Bigiotterie Sas

Via Ermes di Colloredo n° 35
33038 San Daniele Del Friuli
(Udine) - Italy
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Techniques of production

The A.Z. BIGIOTTERIE S.A.S has specialized one self in the production of articles of custom jewelry imitating real jewelry. All the phases of workmanship for the creation of the various products, reflect totally the techniques of production of the jewelers. We have specialized in the creation of lines of bijoux.
The creation of the prototypes comes executed entirely at hand from skilled artisans, modeling specials waxes, and using the designs or of the photos furnished from the customer.
From the prototype of wax the prototype in metal is obtained using the technique of the fusion at lost wax. The metal from us used it for the production of the custom jewelry is a league at high percentage of pond.
For the production comes created some specials rubber stamps in which it comes strained the melted metal by means of a centrifugal machine.
After this process, come attached the accessories in brass (chains standards for clips etc.) and we proceed to the finishing touch and to the polish of the several pieces.
The peculiarity of our production consists on the setting of the stones and of the strass. This technique make our products more precious and make more fixed the strass. All the stones and the strass are of Svarowski production.
After this phase we proceed to the galvanization that is totally not allergic (nickel free). All our production request in gold color comes electroplated gold with a 24 carats plating with deposits of 0,5- 0.7 micron for each article and of 1 micron for bracelets and rings.
We make a check on the deposit of gold for guarantee of an optimal duration of our articles. For this operation we use a sophisticated machine at X rays that doesn't ruin the objects.
Finally, on customer request we enameled to hande every articles with of the glassed enamels that insures a wonderful effect. The piercing of the necklaces with pearls or colored stones are the last phase of our production.
Now the products are ready for have sent to our customers. We are able to realize details in colored plastics, following the different requests. Our production includes this kind of items: rings, earrings, bracelets, pins, chokers (with chains or pearls) watches, keykeepers, necklaces etc. also decoration for pouches and skin articles.